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<h1><span>Captain Bob's Cruise</span></h1><p> <h1><span>Captain Bob's Cruise</span></h1><p><big>Cruisin in Style!</big></p> <h1><span>CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE</span></h1><p><big>CLICK ON THIS IMAGE!</big></p>
<h1><span>Captain Bob's Cruise</span></h1><p><big>See Phi Phi's Top Destinations!</big></p> <h1><span>Captain Bob's Cruise</span></h1><p><big>See monkeys!</big></p>

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Captain Bob's Booze Cruise Includes:
  • 6 Hours - 1PM to 7PM
  • Maya Beach (The Beach)
  • Monkey Beach ( Monkey Selfies!)
  • Diaper Chilliin in Pileh Lagoon
  • Loh Samah Bay
  • Viking and Trong Loo caves
  • Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Open Ocean Sunset
  • Lunch, Fruit, & Snacks

Speed Boat Island Cruise

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Island Hopping on a speed boat!

Fly through Koh Phi Phi's best attractions on a speed boat to Maya Beach, Monkey Beach and Loh Samah Bay. Sunset inside the awe inspiring Wang Long Nook! See Complete Schedule

“Best Koh Phi Phi Day Trip”

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Monkeys, Snorkeling, "The Beach"

This fun cruise includes Monkey Beach, Pi-Leh Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Maya Bay "The Beach", Snorkeling, Viking Cave, Sunset inside Wang Long Cove, Lunch, Fruit, Snacks & UNLIMITED FREE BEER!, Book Now!

Meet & Party with Others

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The Best Place to Meet New People

After enjoying this once in a lifetime experience together, most of our guests will continue the party together by going out to dinner and enjoying the amazing Koh Phi Phi nightlife. Captain Bob himself may join you! View our Gallery